[squeak-dev] [Question] How do I use the OmniBrowser?

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Wed Sep 24 09:21:34 UTC 2008


How do I open an OmniBrowser? 

- There is no entry in the "World menu", entry "open..."
- OBBrowser open
     gives a Walkbalk window

- I use Squeak 3.10.2
- I have installed OmniBrowser-Morphic version 0.5 through the package
- Is the version installed the correct one - there are many to choose from - the
one I have chosen seems attractive because of the high version number.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions

Hannes Hirzel

1. Meta-Driven Browsers (2007)
2. The OmniBrowser Reference (2007)
http://bergel.eu/download/OmnibrowserReference.pdf* (an extension of 1)

Question: Is there other documentation on the OmniBrowser available? (The
documentation above is comprehensive, it describes the design of the OmniBrowser
framework and three applications. So in particular some installation notes would
be appreciated.)

Remark: I like the ObjectFinder
http://decomp.ulb.ac.be/frdricpluquet/personalstuff/theobjectfinder/ which is a
different package but based on the OmniBrowser framework and seems to be useful
as it shows fields and methods. It replaces the standard inspector. So
inspecting an object brings up an ObjectFinder.
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