[squeak-dev] Squeak Oversight Board Meeting Report for 4/2/2009

Ken Causey ken at kencausey.com
Fri Apr 3 22:08:44 UTC 2009

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and comment.

We had full attendance this week (Jecel Mattos de Assumpção Jr, Ken
Causey, Bert Freudenberg, Craig Latta,  Andreas Raab, Randal Schwartz,
and Igor Stasenko).

Randal, Craig, and Jecel will be appearing soon in an episode of
Industry Misinterpretations with James Robertson and Michael Lucas-Smith
to talk about the present and future of Squeak.


Randal and Craig will be speaking with representatives of the Software
Freedom Conservancy in the next few days to clarify the policy regarding
production of a 4.0 release of Squeak fully licensed under the MIT and
Apache licenses.  Hopefully we will have some news on the progress of
this project again very soon.


Randal has become a member of the Board of Directors of the Linux Fund.
This is an honor and we congratulate him.


We spent a large part of the meeting discussing the status of teams.  We
need to talk further with a few team leaders but look forward to a
clarification of the status of teams and the team model.  Randal will
become the team advisor for the Release 4, Box-Admins, and News teams;
Andreas will become the advisor to the Release 3.11 team.  A VM team
will be slightly more formally formed from among the usual VM developers
with Bert as the team advisor and David Lewis as the team leader and
listed on the teams page.


For the remainder of the meeting we discussed a mission statement for
2009.  Discussion is still ongoing but we have started collecting
possible goals and progressing towards a written statement.

Our next meeting is scheduled for Friday, April 17th, 2009.  If you have
any suggestions for our discussions please let us know and look for a
meeting agenda to be published on our blog around the 14th or 15th.



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