[squeak-dev] More distributed version control

Göran Krampe goran at krampe.se
Tue Apr 7 08:02:37 UTC 2009


Frank Shearar wrote:
> "Göran Krampe" <goran at krampe.se> writes:
>> Hi!
>> Andreas Raab wrote:
>>> Folks -
>>> Just as a side note to anyone who is interested in distributed version
>>> control systems, I thought it's interesting to see that they get more
>>> and more widely adopted. This just popped up on Python-dev:
>>> http://mail.python.org/pipermail/python-dev/2009-March/087931.html
>>> I'm wondering if this has any impact on our thinking with respect to
>>> Monticello, change sets etc?
>> I am interested in these beasts, and Keith also has quite a bit of
>> experience. We use Hg in Gjallar - although very little. I have also
>> used bzr a bit, no git yet - but it is just a matter of time since
>> Github has really brought git "to the masses". Those are the three "top
>> contenders" although Darcs has a special place in my heart, not for it's
>> magical smarts (well, its cherry picking is way cool of course) but
>> mainly for its tremendous easy of use.
> What Göran said.
> I've chosen to recommend Mercurial for my work purposes because darcs likes
> ssh servers on those machines that will _serve_ repositories, and I've yet
> to find an easy way to run said servers on Windows machines.
> That cherry-picking business of darcs', though: man, that just rocks. When
> you say "darcs record" it walks you through the hunks in a file, and you can
> just say "yes, I'll record this hunk, no, not that hunk". (I'd dearly love
> to see something like this in MC!)

Note that Mercurial has this "chunk wise" recording now too, by default 
I think. But that is *not* what I meant with cherry picking - but I 
presume you know that, I meant the concept that you can pull patches 
"out of order" from another repo. AFAIK Darcs is alone in this, although 
the others have "similar inferior mechanisms" like transplant, rebase etc.

Btw, I also have recommended Mercurial mainly because its simplicity in 
combination with good Windows support in the form of TortoiseHg etc, 
AFAIK git is trailing on that department.

regards, Göran

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