[squeak-dev] [ANN] OmniBase Stream for Unix supporting locks

Guillermo Adrián Molina guille at losmolina.com.ar
Fri Apr 10 19:16:18 UTC 2009

OmniBase Stream for Unix supporting locks

This patch to OmniBase allows locking of files outside the image in
Unix/Linux systems, allowing collaborative work between many Squeak
instances that use the same DB. It uses fcntl to achieve segment locks.
fcntl locks work between different (unix) processes but not inside them,
so when used inside the same image it falls back to the default
ODBFileStream lock registry.

This project was pushed by Sebastian Sastre (Seaswork), and it is released
under the MIT license. It is held at squeaksource (www.squeaksource.com),
under the title of: "OmniBase Stream for Unix supporting locks". It is
fully operational, but untested, any feedback will be appreciated.

Guillermo Molina

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