[squeak-dev] Re: Squeak soundless on Ubuntu. Who will fix it? Hi Chris,

Jerome Peace peace_the_dreamer at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 12 21:10:31 UTC 2009

Hi Chris, 
Thank you for your thoughts.

My question is "Who will fix it."

The what will be fixed. And the how it will be fixed. Are close to being known.
Sound works in etoys.

What I am asking is WHO in our community will take on the task of making the distribution that Ubuntu gets work with sound.

Or who in our community will provide the financial resources to commission it done.

Without someone with the will to make a good distribution we will have this problem forever.

Bert says he can help with his knowledge and expertise, but cannot be point man on the issue. So the rest of the community needs to come up with a point man.

This problem is blocking not only squeak developers but also the scratch community.

So Community. Who will fix it?

Yours in curiosity and service, --Jerome Peace


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