[squeak-dev] Old Morphic Classes; What do I use now?

Ralph Boland rpboland at gmail.com
Mon Apr 13 04:02:49 UTC 2009

I have just upgraded my project from Squeak 3.8.1 to  3.10.2.
I brought along with me three morphic classes:

1,2)  MorphicDialogModel   and its subclass: MorphicMessageBox
3)  TextDisplayMorph

The first two subclasses I subclass and the third I use directly.

Since these classes are not in  squeak 3.10  perhaps I should remove
my use of them and replace it with whatever I should use instead in squeak 3.10.

But I am not sure what I should be using in  3.10.  Can anyone give me

Note that I may have originally retrieved these classes from  Squeak
3.8, 3.7, or 3.6;
I cannot remember.

Ralph Boland

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