[squeak-dev] Re: Ubuntu package maintainers help

Matej Kosik kosik at fiit.stuba.sk
Sun Apr 19 20:20:23 UTC 2009

José Luis Redrejo wrote:
> I must insist in one point: I'm not interested at all in the use of
> Squeak for developers. Developers usually don't have problems in
> launching a terminal if there're problems and know how to make things
> work. My packaging effort is focused in end users, mainly teachers and
> students.

Squeak distributed without images is useful precisely only for
developers (those who use custom images anyway). We here:
provide all the necessary bits (the virtual machine, the images, the
sources files).

Are there any versions of Squeak images that could be imported to Debian
repositories? (some minimal images with sorted out licencing issues).

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