[squeak-dev] Re: [Pharo-project] Some bugs with the last version of pharo (10281) and pharo-dev (10284)

John M McIntosh johnmci at smalltalkconsulting.com
Tue Apr 21 08:22:27 UTC 2009

This is because the pharo system now is much more utf-8 filename aware.
Unfortunately the  the 4.0.1b1U VM is still setup for macintosh  
(macroman) file name translation
which causes Pharo to die, when a  directory search encounters oh I'd  
don't know "folder çà 2" perhaps?

The fix is to change your 4.0.1x squeak vm or pharo one-click app  
setting on the macintosh to have the VM give back UTF-8 characters.
To do this control click to show contents and open the *.app then dig  
inside the Contents folder and alter the Info.plist
change the SqueakEncodingType to UTF-8

At this late hour I'm not sure how to distribute such a change since  
if you run the VM in UTF-8 mode then it mess up any
non-ascii 128-255) characters in the Squeak  3.8/3.9/3.10/3.11 File  

Then again perhaps we say oh if you use a pending? 4.1.0 VM you MUST  
ensure your image is UTF8 aware?

BTW the macintosh carbon VM is very UTF8 aware since we did no-end of  
testing on file names in Sophie. However we preserved
all file name paths as URI references, versus unix path names, and  
flip the URI into the proper path with encoding by asking it for it's
file path name when it was needed as a file link.

On 21-Apr-09, at 12:48 AM, Laval Jannik wrote:

> Ok, I have found the problem:
> When I run the image for the first time, a folder "package-cache" is  
> created.
> When the image is in a folder on my desktop ("/Users/jannik/Desktop/ 
> Pharo"), it does not works.
> If I put this folder in "/Applications/Pharo", it works.
> Maybe, the bug come from the VM.
> Jannik

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