[squeak-dev] Re: Ubuntu package maintainers help

Matej Kosik kosik at fiit.stuba.sk
Tue Apr 21 21:40:47 UTC 2009

Hi José and all,

José Luis Redrejo wrote:
> The package currently in Debian should work with the image packages
> published on Squeak wiki. I've not tested it, but as far as I know,  you
> use the same directories as I use, they work.

I can confirm this. If I use my `squeak-vm' and if I install your
`etoys', etoys works as well as with your `squeak-vm' package.

I have uploaded etoys to squeak.org repository. Here is an updated
dependency graph of Squeak-related packages:


You can find `etoys' in the top left corner of the diagram.

The harder part is merging of your and our squeak-vm package. Are you
still for it?

In our case, these three packages:
- squeak
- squeak-vm
- squeak-plugin
are created from a single `squeak' source package. We think that it is
advantageous it discriminate among them. Our scheme works for your etoys
package but your scheme (everyting in a single binary package) does not
work for us.

Can we aggree that we adopt our scheme?
(single `squeak' source package generates three different binary packages:
  - squeak
  - squeak-vm
  - squeak-plugin
This separation (single source package generates three binary packages)
is advantageous because we can set depenencies of each of them

`squeak-plugin' package depends on a package that provides specific
image suitable for web-browser plugin.

`squeak' package depends on images that are suitable for ordinary purposes.

You will probably not care about:
- squeak
- squeak-plugin
packages but if they exist they should not disturb you, I guess. They
contain things you do not need for etoys.

Can we agree that this scheme works for both of us? If you say yes, we
can think about how to create common `squeak' source package that generates
- `squeak-vm' binary package we both need
  (which should be uploaded to the official Debian repos)
- `squeak' and `squeak-plugin' which we like to have at least
  in squeak.org repos.
What do you say?

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