Universal Composition and modules etc (was Re: [squeak-dev] Embracing Projects)

Göran Krampe goran at krampe.se
Thu Dec 3 10:09:26 UTC 2009

Hi Dan!

Hope Argentina was nice!

Dan Ingalls wrote:
> Henrik Gedenryd picked up this work and carried it quite a bit farther into the system and sadly things got a bit too
> incompatible.  It was a big frustration for me (and for him++) that we never managed to pull this off to completion.

While "almost" on the subject - did Henrik ever demo his "universal 
composition" work to you and his refactored implementation of BitBlt 
which IIRC turned into a very clean pipeline-ish thing with no 
performance penalty (since the runtime code turned more or less the same)?

We shared a hotel room at that OOPSLA and I recall he wanted to show it 
to you - but I am not sure he ever got the time. Since his "universal 
composition" stuff sounded quite intriguing at the time I was just 
curious to hear if you saw it and have any thoughts on it.

And yes, the Modules 3.3 branch in Squeak history is generally a sad 

I hope, perhaps soon (now that we are again gathering speed to actually 
move Squeak forward into the future) - we can revisit those ideas and 
blend them with thoughts in Newspeak etc to see if we can eventually get 
something that "solves" the whole dependency/modules/packages/namespace 

It would be awesome if we could take at least *some* step in this direction.

Lesson learned though: the environment and tools MUST follow at the same 

I also note that the same lesson has been re-learned regarding Traits...

regards, Göran

PS. Note to others - Henrik Gedenryd is unfortunately not with us 
anymore, he has passed away, unfortunately all too young.

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