[squeak-dev] Traits (was Re: Universal Composition and modules)

Stéphane Rollandin lecteur at zogotounga.net
Thu Dec 3 16:07:00 UTC 2009

> What problem are you trying to solve?

well, I have several issues that would be nicely addressed by Traits. 
the problem I would like to see solved is that of usability of Traits in 
Squeak. I believe Traits are currently not really usable, by lack of 
system support (tools, etc.)

> For whatever reason, nobody seems to care enough about this to do the
> tools integration work.

I guess the reason is that the Traits implementors have moved to another 
project, where they may or may not have better tool support in the near 
or far future.

> It is hard to imagine that adding a different
> (and probably incompatible) implementation of traits would cause the
> tools integration to happen any faster.

I'm not talking about adding an incompatible implementation, I just 
recalled that Andreas once said here that the current implementation is 
deeply flawed, overly complicated and could be *replaced* by a much 
better one. I may be wrong here, which is why I asked.


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