[squeak-dev] State of Testing in Squeak

Ken Causey ken at kencausey.com
Thu Dec 3 23:39:58 UTC 2009

On Thu, 2009-12-03 at 13:36 -0800, Ronald Spengler wrote:
> Ladies and Gentlemen,
> The value of a test suite that can give the developer a good degree of
> confidence in a short period of time cannot be understated. IMHO, the
> tests in Trunk take *way* too long to run. It's been bugging me for
> awhile. I'd like to be kicking off a test pass every time I finish
> loading updates, and as it stands this is not feasible. As a result, I
> don't run the tests. I wonder how many other people are having this
> experience?
> Would the people of the community be receptive to moving long running
> tests out to a separately loadable package?

I fear that separating a subset of tests from the rest will result in
them being largely forgotten and unused.

Is there some way we could leverage pragmas or the like to flag entire
TestCase instances or individual test methods as 'long running' and
offer a way through the test runner to avoid those?

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