[squeak-dev] Install Seside and Glorp on SqueakLightII image

Edgar J. De Cleene edgardec2001 at yahoo.com.ar
Sat Dec 5 20:14:54 UTC 2009

To Adrian, Chris, Diogenes.

I welcome someone is giving attention to SqueakLightII .
I not sure why the subject start, but I wish to help and clarify some
question to you and to all others Squeakers.

SqueakLightII begin when I do not have consensus about 3.11 .

I believe in each release should have some "packages", "modules", "arbitary
code", less as the previous one and this should be loadable to user choice.
So, each release should be "more modular" and smaller3)

When under Ralph guide build 3.10 use Installer.
 Installer, SqueakMap, Universes, ScriptLoader, ReleaseBuilder do not
belongs to "base" image. (See the unused ReleaseBuilderFor3dot11)

With time, I resurrect some old ideas and SqueakLightII could load several
things , as some Etoys old projects and .morph from others forks.
Using CodeLoader and "class repository"

Now trunk is full speed, still I can't get Closures and can't get  the full
SqueakLightII is 3.10 or trunk compatible with the following exceptions.

Code using Traits or Closures sure do not run

I welcome any having a different Traits as loadable package give me a clue
and any wishong doing pair programming at agree schedule for having
I have Skype and off course IRC


And some day we reach a update number > 7159 in Trunk :=)

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