[squeak-dev] [Meta] Boolean#asBit discussion. What just happened here?

Jerome Peace peace_the_dreamer at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 5 21:41:31 UTC 2009

Hi Sig, Hi Bert

The original post surprised and confused me. Squeak (and Etoys) has had a #asBit message since 2004 (ajh 7/1/2004 timestamp).

The response to the post was amazing. Very knowledgeable squeak guru's seriously discussing if it should be added as if it weren't there.

The point of this post is to point out that this type of discussion is likely to happen about many of the messages and features of our very forked tongue.

It underlines that those we expect to have a full grasp of the language can be as at sea as much as newbies.

Why is that so?
Does anything need to be done about it?
What would help reduce the confusion/ignorance?

My curiosity strongly asks why the minds of these two knowledgeable folk had this blind spot about what is and isn't part of the squeak language.

I know when I needed the message myself I didn't know it existed. I also didn't know it didn't. So I found it by searching for it. I'm pretty sure I tried #asInteger first, found it didn't work; remembered something in the past that did; searched until I found the right word.

I have opinions on this issue but they don't belong in this meta-post. The point of this post is to ask.

How do we know what is squeak and what isn't?

Yours in amusement and curiosity --Jerome Peace


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