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Mon Dec 7 07:26:57 UTC 2009

Hi All,

my apoligies if some feel this shold have been sent to the new users list.
However, looking through the archives of that list made me think my request
was better suited to the dev list. 

I'm interested in finding out what the situation is with respect to squeak and
access for a blind programmer. I've looked through the mail archives and the
wiki and done a bit of googling, but have failed to find much information. 

My situation is I'm a blind programmer who works on a GNU Linux platform. I've
been doing some smalltalk using GNU smalltalk, but would like to move over to
using squeak. However, all my attempts so far have failed to provide any
workable solution. 

I have found a few references to making squeak accessible, but they are old
and have not found any evidence that anything has gone further than some high
level general discussions. Based on my minimal knowledge of squeak and my
limited smalltalk experience, I do have some ideas, but thought it made sense
to find out what other work has or is being done before developing my ideas
any further. I'm interested in seeing if I can contribute or work on improving
or developing a way to make squeak accessible as this could be a good project
to help develop my skills with smalltalk. I'm not looking for someone to do
the work (though assistance always welcome!).

any pointers or suggestions would be appreciated. Feel free to mail me
directly 'off-list' if that is appropriate. 



Tim Cross
tcross at rapttech.com.au

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