[squeak-dev] news from the Xtream front

Levente Uzonyi leves at elte.hu
Tue Dec 8 02:24:16 UTC 2009

On Tue, 8 Dec 2009, Nicolas Cellier wrote:

> To give a concrete view of what improment we might further get beyond
> excellent changes from Levente, i just tried this in latest trunk,
> with latest Xtream version:
> {
> [| tmp | tmp := (MultiByteFileStream readOnlyFileNamed: (SourceFiles
> at: 2) name) ascii; wantsLineEndConversion: false; converter:
> UTF8TextConverter new.
>       1 to: 10000 do: [:i | tmp upTo: Character cr]. tmp close] timeToRun.
> [| tmp | tmp := ((StandardFileStream readOnlyFileNamed: (SourceFiles
> at: 2) name) readXtream ascii buffered decodeWith: (UTF8TextConverter
> new installLineEndConvention: nil)) buffered.
>       1 to: 10000 do: [:i | tmp upTo: Character cr]. tmp close] timeToRun.
> }
> #(1395 84)

Really cool. :)

> The first is the recently optimized trunk version. Unfortunately,
> MultiByteFileStream at work, you get a looong one by one decoding
> The second is the Xtream version with crafted #buffered sends.
> Hardly believable what you can do with a utf8ToSqueak-like hack and a buffer...
> Of course, this version is optimized only in case of ASCII source
> encoded in UTF8 (the easy case, but the most common case concerning
> source files).

Don't forget that the sources are sometimes read backwards by the current 

> I don't know what hapens when encountering a multi-byte utf-8 char...
> ... all I know is that performance in this case is likely a disaster
> (my code is a bit stupid, but it's too late do correct it now)

It can still be much better than the current approach.

> Oh, maybe Levente will just port the idea tomorrow in trunk, so I can
> have a bit more rest ;)

Well, maybe, I'm working on other hacks, but I'll take a look, I'm 
starting to like the idea. ;)


> Cheers
> Nicolas

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