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Igor Stasenko siguctua at
Wed Dec 9 18:18:45 UTC 2009

I just prototyped own Prototypes hackish implementation. :)

Comparing to Russel's implementation [1] ,
there is no pressure of inheriting from a Behavior.
A clean prototype inherits from nothing , but gains a behavior from its class.

The prototype reference is stateless object, carrying no state.
Instead, its class reference points to a 'stateful prototype', which holding
'prototype methodDict format' ivars to make VM happy
as well as slots and couple of other things.

The slots can be added on the fly , without using #become: ,
since a slot placeholder is a method in method dictionary! :)
(this btw, makes prototype slots access speed nearly same as for any
other smalltalk object using accessor).

All things, like replacing a prototype's prototype slot is working.

To communicate with 'stateful prototype' i'm using the hack, provided
by VM - by sending a #class message
to receiver, which bypassing a standard lookup procedure. :)

Traits naturally fit well with prototypes, and i using them from the
very starting.
An initial prototype object constructed using traits to fill initial behavior:

	| proto |
	methodDict := MethodDictionary new.
	binding := nil->self.
	format := 2. "Object format"
	prototype := nil.
	"Add method from TBasicPrototype trait"
	TBasicPrototype methodDict do: [:method |
		self addMethod: (method clone methodClass: self)
	statelessOp := self primNew.
	"Add the TTraitInheritable trait"
	proto := statelessOp new.
	TTraitInheritable methodDict do: [:method |
		proto addMethod: method
	^ proto new
the resulting prototype is more-or-less ready for use, having
TBasicPrototype -> TTraitInheritable prototype as delegates.

You can start experimenting with it:

| proto |
proto := PrototypeFactory new.
proto inheritTrait: TPrintable.
proto prototype "print it"

 a Prototype( *prototype: a Prototype #traits: a Set(TPrintable) (a
Prototype>>#fullPrintString "a CompiledMethod(3976)") (a
Prototype>>#isKindOf: "a CompiledMethod(3228)") (a
Prototype>>#printOn: "a CompiledMethod(3398)") (a
Prototype>>#printString "a CompiledMethod(122)") (a
Prototype>>#printStringLimitedTo: "a CompiledMethod(367)") )

next, make a Point .

proto importTrait: TPoint.
point := proto new initialize.
point x: 50.
point "print it"

a Prototype( *prototype: a Prototype #x: 50 #y: 0 )

Take a closer look, at 'magic' in
and why it is possible (PrototypeFactory>>installSlot:value:)

Of course, implementation is not complete. Just a proof of concept :)
Have fun :)


Best regards,
Igor Stasenko AKA sig.
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