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Wed Dec 9 23:55:08 UTC 2009

Changes to Trunk (http://source.squeak.org/trunk.html) in the last 24 hours:


Name: Collections-ul.242
Ancestors: Collections-nice.241, Collections-ul.241

- fix: Character >> #digitValue shadowed instance variable: value
- fix: Character >> #storeBinaryOn: didn't work with non-octet characters
- faster methods in String: #convertFromWithConverter:, #convertToWithConverter: and #skipDelimiters:startingAt:



Name: Compiler-ul.104
Ancestors: Compiler-ul.103

- enh: DecompilerTests is a subclass of LongTestCase. If you don't want to run long tests (this is the current default behavior),  just do it: LongTestCase doNotRunLongTestCases. If you want to enable them again, then do it: LongTestCase runLongTestCases.



Name: Collections-nice.243
Ancestors: Collections-ul.242

Correct ReadStream #upToEnd and #upTo: with respect to readLimit



Name: CollectionsTests-nice.123
Ancestors: CollectionsTests-nice.122

Test for ReadStream on:from:to: and upToAll: with partial match



Name: Collections-nice.244
Ancestors: Collections-nice.243

Cosmetic clean-up:
- remove a useless send to private setString:setRuns: (and a useless Text creation)
- remove a useless send to oldBack crap



Name: PackageInfo-Base-nice.32
Ancestors: PackageInfo-Base-bp.31

remove ReadStream>>#untilEnd:displayingProgress: because 100% = super code



Name: Collections-nice.245
Ancestors: Collections-nice.244

Move indexOfAnyOf: & co from String to SequenceableCollection
Make it work for any collection argument, not just CharacterSet
Handle optimized ByteString+CharacterSet case by double dispatching
-- this removes ugly class checks --
Implement a fast ReadStream upToAnyOf:do: thanks to above changes



Name: Collections-nice.246
Ancestors: Collections-nice.245

After an idea from Henrik Johansen, speed-up WideCharacterSet enumeration
- 1) do not use a WordArray but a ByteArray to avoid large integers
- 2) inline enumeration of bits in a byte with optimistic subtraction of highest bit (work best if bits pattern is sparse)



Name: Collections-nice.247
Ancestors: Collections-nice.246

Clean-up support code for mutating WideCharacterSet internal representation to ByteArray



Name: Tools-dtl.145
Ancestors: Tools-ar.144

Update CodeHolder to allow registration of new code pane display modes in browsers. This change enables SlangBrowser (VMMaker package) to display translated C code in browsers.

Note: The label text on the "source" button for browsers is not properly updated when the edit pane mode is changed. This is an existing bug, not affected by these changes.


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