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Edgar J. De Cleene edgardec2001 at yahoo.com.ar
Sat Dec 12 17:35:19 UTC 2009

On 12/12/09 4:02 PM, "Chris Cunnington" <smalltalktelevision at gmail.com>

> One of the differences between Seaside 2.8.3 and Seaside 3.0 is that the
> packages must be loaded in a specific order. You cannot install them
> piecemeal. That's why builder.seaside.st <http://builder.seaside.st>  was
> created. It looks as though Dale's abstracting this problem and solving it
> with Metacello. I think that we should look at this project very carefully. I
> think Miguel is right to say SM and Universes are not really in our future. 
> @Colin
> I remember reading Edgar saying he was using Monticello for delivering files.
> And you said he should be using sar. You say it's not a package management
> system, but a package versioning system. As usual, your posts make clear -
> starkly clear - distinctions, but I think you're missing something. The intent
> of what you created is irrelevant. How people use the tool shows its actual
> value to the community. If that's not how you envisioned it, then that doesn't
> matter. If I want to use a butter knife as a screwdriver to fix the toaster,
> and it works, then that's all that matters. 
> Whether you admit it or not, Monticello is used as a package management
> system. And yes, that kind of sucks. The day I don't have to go to
> SqueakSource to get the proper path name for a project I want to install, and
> I can just do it from my image like the SMPL or Universes, then that will be a
> good day. 
> Chris 
> It¹s why I wish get rid of all SqueakMap, Universes, Installer,ScriptLoader,
> for two years now.
> We could improve Monticello.
> I could put any into a ³package² and load into regular SqueakSource and use as
> it was .sar.
> But the way I also remember years of people fighting me as I always like ..sar
> .
> Metacello is the answer ?
> Edgar
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