[squeak-dev] VMmaker install problem on latest Trunk

Merik Voswinkel macmerik at xs4all.nl
Sun Dec 13 09:08:37 UTC 2009


> On Sunday 13 December 2009 08:20:14 am David T. Lewis wrote:
>> Please load the latest version of VMMaker from
>> http://squeaksource.com/VMMaker. The 3.8b6 version that you may have
>> gotten from SqueakMap or Universes is now quite out of date. If you  
>> load
>> the latest version from SqueakSource, then evaluate "VMMaker
>> updateFromServer", you will have the latest VMMaker along with  
>> updates for
>> some other plugins and utilities.

Thank you David, that worked this time (it did not load a few weeks  
It would be helpful if there was a comment somewhere in the description
that you only need to load VMMaker to also get slangbrowser etc.
Loading all the code you find there will not work.

> On Dec 13, 2009, at 7:30 AM, K. K. Subramaniam wrote:
> This gives a warning about missing dependencies on  
> KlattResonatorIndices and
> FFIPlugin. Proceeding completes the load without any further issues  
> (may need
> to start squeak with more memory to avoid running out of memory).
> Not sure if
> the broken dependencies of FFIPlugin may create problems down the  
> road.

Yes they did...
> BTW, there is a ready-made image with VMMaker at squeakvm.org/unix/  
> (search
> for unix-*-vmm.tar.gz

Thank you Subbu, that hint helped a lot.
I hoped there was one ready-made image (this one is from september  
12th 2009)

> Subbu



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