[squeak-dev] Re: Updated trunk image (Squeak3.11-8472-alpha.zip)

Igor Stasenko siguctua at gmail.com
Sun Dec 13 10:13:37 UTC 2009

2009/12/13 Edgar J. De Cleene <edgardec2001 at yahoo.com.ar>:
> On 12/13/09 5:43 AM, "Andreas Raab" <andreas.raab at gmx.de> wrote:
>> I most definitely want you to work on Squeak! But I'm not sure what
>> you're waiting for ... so I'm confused. Did I miss something? I used the
>> 3.11 denominator specifically because you asked for it, we got the image
>> version numbering specifically because you asked for it so I don't feel
>> like I'm not listening to you. If I missed something please let me know.
>> Cheers,
>>    - Andreas
> Yes , you take the number and the version, it's true.
> Also is true without you we still don't advance.
> My complaint is .
> I think backward compatibility have pros and cons.
> But should be evident to any a image without Closures run some things and
> one without NO.
> I sure many still feel .cs have some mileage to work before we declare they
> obsolete forever.
> Repeat my point.
>> So, we should
>> Use old beloved sftp://updates@ftp.squeak.org/home/updates/
>> Put here some .cs for start the Trunk process
>> I send some a few days ago.
>> I beg you review, approve or change to your will
>> Put the .cs in the folder
>> When process  try to load Closures, this should be the end of 3.10.2 and the
>> start of 3.11
>> Here should be
>> nnnnAdvanceToThreeDotTenAlpha
> And we should have in some place all the .cs and all the logs.
> Also we should run all the test, eventually.
> By the way, like my image?
> I volunteer to do this each time (monthly maybe ?) and start to add packages
> which behave nicely, to Squeaker request.
> Image should going smaller and modular, we agree on this
> I also have
> http://ftp.squeak.org/various_images/SqueakLight/MinimalMorphic.7246.zip
> And use in this image Pavel start and I help all the SqueakLightII
> experiments.
> See http://wiki.squeak.org/squeak/6056
> I have videos of experimental loading Etoys.
> It's valuable to community we some day have a consensual "Core", "Minimal",
> "kernel" image.
> Also each newbie should have a image as big as we could build without too
> much glue.
> This Fun do not have glue, only "sudor y amor"

Hold on, Edgar.
One step at a time.
First thing we done is introduced version tracking into trunk.
Next thing, i asked you to volunteer is to take a responsibility for
making a monthly 'micro-release' of trunk image.
And i listed the required steps what i think we should do for that. Mainly:
- take a most recent tunk image, you think worth being a base for micro-release
- clean it up by removing unnecessary stuff & clearing caches etc
- update the description & introduction text
- put it on ftp public location
- announce release on mailing list.
- you are done.

But. If you also want to maintain a derivatives on top of that , i.e.:
 - trunk plus lots of fun stuff (funSqueak)
 - trunk minus lots of stuff (minimalSqueak or SqueakLight)

i see no problem with that, and i think none of us do. You are welcome
to do that.
It will be very useful to see, what of external packages, you think
worth maintaining, is broken in new micro-release, so we can deal with
that either by updating that package, or by making trunk changes more
friendly & compatible.

> Yours
> Edgar

Best regards,
Igor Stasenko AKA sig.

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