[squeak-dev] Daily Commit Log

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Sun Dec 13 23:55:03 UTC 2009

Changes to Trunk (http://source.squeak.org/trunk.html) in the last 24 hours:


Name: Monticello-ar.338
Ancestors: Monticello-ar.337, Monticello-ar.336

Try hard not to remove methods that have been moved to a different package.



Name: Monticello-ar.339
Ancestors: Monticello-ar.338

With the last MC update it should be safe to remove category from here and into the System package.



Name: System-ar.197
Ancestors: System-ul.196

Touch MethodReference>>category to make very sure it shows in the System package.



Name: Squeak-Version-ar.4662

Initial version of the stub version package to track image version number. Starts with 4662 since the sum of version numbers in the very first trunk config map (update.ar-1) was 2518.. 3.10.2 had as highest update 7179 so we use 7179 - 2518 + 1 = 4662 as a base.

(it really doesn't matter all that much, we just don't want to go backwards in version numbers)



Name: Morphic-ar.266
Ancestors: Morphic-ul.265

UserDialogBoxMorph gets an optional position argument. The menu item "About Squeak" is now filled in with proper information.


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