[squeak-dev] Re: [croquet-dev] [ANN] Collaborative Curved Space Explorer in Croquet

Josh Gargus josh at schwa.ca
Mon Dec 14 09:40:50 UTC 2009

On Dec 13, 2009, at 11:13 PM, Andreas Raab wrote:

> Wow. Cool. 'nuff said :-)



> Cheers,
>  - Andreas
> Nikolay Suslov wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Happy to announce, that the first version of Collaborative Curved Space Explorer - CCSE SDK 1.0a is out!
>> Collaborative Curved Space Explorer (CCSE) - is viewed to be in future the full-featured multi-user toolbox for exploring the structure of curved spaces in 3D (based on Croquet <http://www.opencroquet.org/>) with real-time rendering in curved spaces. Jeff Weeks originally developed (and continue developing now) the application Curved Spaces <http://geometrygames.org/CurvedSpaces/index.html> for exploring and rendering curved spaces in real-time using C language. CCSE is actually the port of it main part into Smalltalk and Croquet. Thus it allows to run complex time-based simulations and achieve a very deep level of collaborative interactions.
>> More information and screen-shots here:
>> http://nsuslovi.blogspot.com/2009/12/collaborative-curved-space-explorer-v10.html
>> Croquet Source code:
>> http://jabberwocky.croquetproject.org:8889/CCurvedSpaceExplorer.html
>> Open Cobalt support:
>> http://croquet-src-01.oit.duke.edu:8886/CurvedSpacesInCobalt,html
>> Ready-to-try distributions with CCSE included:
>> 1. Krestianstvo (on russian) <http://www.krestianstvo.ru/sdk/Krestianstvo1.0a.zip>
>> 2. Open Croquet 1.0.25 SDK <http://www.krestianstvo.ru/sdk/CCSE/CroquetSDK1.0.25-CCSE.zip>
>> 3. Open Cobalt R26 alpha SDK <http://www.krestianstvo.ru/sdk/CCSE/opencobalt-1.0alpha1rc26-ccse.zip>
>> Happy exploring!
>> Thanks,
>> Nikolay Suslov

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