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Tue Dec 15 23:59:58 UTC 2009

Andreas Raab uploaded a new version of KernelTests to project The Trunk:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: KernelTests-ar.120
Author: ar
Time: 15 December 2009, 3:59:11 am
UUID: acf814f6-71f4-594a-a783-9776ad278d98
Ancestors: KernelTests-ar.119

Typ-o. #collect: needs an argument.

=============== Diff against KernelTests-ar.119 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: AllocationTest>>testOutOfMemorySignal (in category 'tests') -----
  	"Ensure that OOM is signaled eventually"
  	| sz |
  	SmalltalkImage current platformName = 'unix' ifTrue: [ "avoid crashing"
  		^self assert: false ].
  	sz := 512*1024*1024. "work around the 1GB alloc bug"
+ 	self should:[(1 to: 2000) collect:[:i| Array new: sz]] raise: OutOfMemory.
- 	self should:[(1 to: 2000) collect:[Array new: sz]] raise: OutOfMemory.
  	"Call me when this test fails, I want your machine"
  	sz := 1024*1024*1024*1024.
  	self should:[Array new: sz] raise: OutOfMemory.

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