[squeak-dev] [Q] What's the right size of specialObjectsArray ?

Edgar J. De Cleene edgardec2001 at yahoo.com.ar
Thu Dec 17 09:48:36 UTC 2009


I try to synchronize my MinimalMorphic with trunk.
At some point have the following walkback

Error: Please check size of special objects array!
17 December 2009 7:36:31 am

VM: Mac OS - a SmalltalkImage
Image: MinimalMorphic [latest update: #7261]

SecurityManager state:
Restricted: false
FileAccess: true
SocketAccess: true
Working Dir /Users/edgar/SqueakDevelop/Squeak3.11
Trusted Dir /foobar/tooBar/forSqueak/bogus
Untrusted Dir /Users/edgar/Library/Preferences/Squeak/Internet/My Squeak

PseudoContext class(Object)>>error:
    Receiver: PseudoContext
    Arguments and temporary variables:
        aString:     'Please check size of special objects array!'

When I see in my uop to date Squeak3.11-8496-alpha.image is

Smalltalk specialObjectsArray size = 50

But PseudoContext> initialize  says

Smalltalk specialObjectsArray size = 41
        ifFalse: [self error: 'Please check size of special objects array!']

So something is wrooong..  Or?

I appreciate any clues.

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