[squeak-dev] Re: The boundary between 3.10 and 3.11

Andreas Raab andreas.raab at gmx.de
Fri Dec 18 16:43:32 UTC 2009

Edgar J. De Cleene wrote:
> Following private advice by Andreas:
> I start with clean Squeak3.10.gamma.
> Made the .cs in the order first 3.102 image load from trunk.
> The point of change is
>> >From update-ar.5.log
>> ========== Compiler-ar.68 ==========
>> Prerequiste changes for Closure installation.
> So, the last of old .cs should be
> 7213AdvanceTo3dot10final.1.cs, included in the Tar and gz file.
> Here I made a clean Squeak3.10final.7213.image , ready to put in ftp if all
> agree.
> The system is ready for hitting the updates button , follow actual Trunk
> updates.
> You only need fileIn first SystemProgressMorphGlue.1.cs (we could hide in
> 7214AdvanceTo3dot11)
> I let the system go and seems load updates.

Looks good. A couple of comments:

- The last update should be a *choice* to advance to 3.11, not forced.

- When the change to 3.11 is made there needs to be a BIG FAT WARNING 
that a new VM is needed before further updates can be loaded.

- Some of the changes cause conflicts when updating later. I'm not sure 
why that is but the need to resolve those if you really try updating 
should be noted somewhere.

How about we open a workspace when changing the version to 3.11 that 
says something like:

Your system has been set to receive updates for 3.11 and beyond. Please 
note that in order to process the following updates you MUST use an 
updated virtual machine available from:
- http://squeakvm.org/win32 (for Windows - use 3.11 or later)
- http://squeakvm.org/unix (for Unix - use 3.11 or later)
- http://???? (for Mac - don't recall canonical location; don't recall 
required version)

In addition, you may receive some Monticello conflict warnings when you 
update through 3.11. This is expected and nothing to worry about. When 
you receive such a warning simply choose "All Newer" and "Merge".

   - Andreas

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