[squeak-dev] ANN: NanoTraits v0.5

Igor Stasenko siguctua at gmail.com
Mon Dec 21 22:40:23 UTC 2009

2009/12/22 Andreas Raab <andreas.raab at gmx.de>:
> Folks -
> My experiments with a simpler traits implementation are starting to bear
> results. Attached a version of NanoTraits which is the smallest
> implementation of traits that I could come up with. Making it loadable
> inside a current trunk image has been a bit of a challenge since it needs to
> operate side-by-side with the existing traits during load (apologies for the
> various isKindOf:'s), but it seems to work fairly well now (fingers
> crossed). There are few differences to the Berne trait implementation
> including:
> - TraitDescription is a subclass of ClassDescription. This is the main
> simplification since it avoids creating a dual trait/class hierarchy. It
> comes at the "cost" of having potentially support for instance variables in
> traits (i.e., stateful traits) but since this isn't exposed there is very
> little actual overhead.
> - NanoClassTrait is the class of NanoTrait (i.e., the same meta structure
> that classes have). Since this models exactly the structure that classes
> have, it makes browser integration significantly simpler (NanoTraits would
> work fine in 3.8 for example without changing browsers etc) and allows us to
> remove the (now unecessary) additional tool support.
> - Methods used from other traits retain a "method home" reference so that
> for any method in a class you can tell whether it was defined locally or in
> some other trait. This makes several things *a lot* easier and will allow us
> to get rid of all the localSelectors stuff in ClassDescription in the next
> pass (Igor - this gives you the information where a method is from without
> poking in other places; just ask i.e.,
> (ClassDescription>>#addSelectorSilently:withMethod:) methodHome ==>
>  TAccessingMethodDictDescription)

And how to determine that
is actually
which in own turn
So, i could take a source code from
and put a header
and replace selector to:


> - Some previously invalid trait composition are now valid, in particular T -
> {#x} - {#y} (meaning T- {#x. #y}) as well as T @ {#x->#y} @ (#a -> #b}
> (meaning T @ { #x -> #y. #a -> #b}.
T1 - T2?

> - You can't mix Berne and Nano traits. If you try it, things will blow up
> (incompatible internals).
> - You can't mix Berne and Nano traits tests. I don't know why but if you run
> them at the same time things go wrong.
> To install NanoTraits:
> * Load NanoTraits-Kernel.st
> * Load NanoTraits-Tests.st
> * Load NanoTraits-Extensions.cs
> * Run the NanoTraits-Tests
> * (assuming all tests are green) execute: NanoTraits install.
> This will make NanoTraits the default traits implementation and convert any
> existing traits. I've successfully played with Nile (the only other traits
> stuff I was aware about besides the class kernel which is a bit difficult to
> experiment with) but from what I can tell everything should work just fine.
> The one extra thing I'm seriously considering after our recent discussions
> is to change NanoTraits to actually use mixins to implement traits
> composition. What this would mean is that instead of adding trait methods to
> a class directly, they would be added to a (hidden) superclass. Composition
> rules would be unaffected by this change but it would solve the issue of
> trait methods messing up the methods *actually* defined in a class, showing
> a seven times when looking for implementors and more.

My primary concern with traits, is lack of system change notification support.
We need them in deltastreams.

> Consider this my holiday gift to the community :-)
> Cheers,
>  - Andreas

Best regards,
Igor Stasenko AKA sig.

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