[squeak-dev] identityHash or scaledIdentityHash ?

Levente Uzonyi leves at elte.hu
Wed Dec 23 23:58:21 UTC 2009

On Thu, 24 Dec 2009, Nicolas Cellier wrote:

> Maybe Levente will help me clarifying this...
> I encountered several different implementations:
> MessageTally, Semaphore, FutureMaker, LocatedMethod, TextAnchor
> hash
>    ^self identityHash
> (or ^someInstVar identityHash, which is equivalent)
> Object
> hash
>   ^self scaledIdentityHash
> The first does not scale well for large Set/Dictionary, and the second
> costs a little overhed on small (Set/Dictionary).
> My questions are:
> - are these different implementations deliberate ? For example knowing
> there won't be any large Set... In which case a comment would help


> - or should we always use the scaledIdentityHash to hash ? (and let
> identityHash for printing and a few well commented exceptional cases)


I quickly checked the classes and I think that:
- all of the above should be #scaledIdentityHash
- optionally MessageTally >> #hash should use the process's hash,
   since #= also compares the process variable

> Beside, apart printing usage, I note these two usages of IdentityHash as hash:
> MethodDictionary scanFor: (I guess we don't expect more than 4096
> messages too often).

MethodDictionary's array's size is a power of two, and #scaledIdentityHash 
is just #identityHash bitShift: 18. Using #scaledIdentityHash would 
degrade the performance to the minimum. The use of #hash instead of 
#identityHash could help with large MethodDictionaries, since the keys are 
Symbols, but the current code assumes that the size will never reach 4096. 
And that's acceptable IMO.

> Player recaptureUniqueCostumes

That should use #scaledIdentityHash, since the set defined there mimics an 

> I also noted that MethodDictionary does not override
> scanForEmptySlotFor: which is defined in term either of hash or
> scaledIdentityHash, rather than IdentityHash
> This is currently OK, because the unique path I found was:
> MethodDictionary>>#at:put
> -> HashCollection>>atNewIndex:put:
> -> MethodDictionary>>#grow
> OK, grow overrides super, otherwise:
> -> HashCollection>>#grow
> -> HashCollection>>#growTo:
> -> Dictionary>>#noCheckNoGrowFillFrom:
> -> HashCollection>>#scanForEmptySlotFor:
> -> Symbol>>#hash
> But it's a potential tricky trap for future.

Well, maybe. MethodDictionary has a different structure than other 
HashedCollections and because of this it has to reimplement #grow and 
#rehash. #scanForEmptySlotFor: is only used by those two methods in 
general (WeakKeyDictionary is the only exception).


> Nicolas

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