[squeak-dev] Snarl

Tony Garnock-Jones tonyg at lshift.net
Thu Dec 24 10:38:17 UTC 2009

Hi Ralph,

Ralph Johnson wrote:
> What are the benefits over the standard (and much criticised) way of
> implementing notification using #update: ?

It's not an observer-observable framework for programmatic use; it's
user interface. It's based on what I've observed Growl doing under OS X.
Invoking body:, label:, or label:body: on class Snarl causes a UI widget
to appear and then fade away. It's a bit like Object>>notify:, but not
modal and not focus-stealing.

If you've not seen Growl before, see http://growl.info/about.php.

> Videos are fine, but a lot of us much prefer text when it comes to
> documentation.  Putting those examples on the Squeaksource wiki would
> be helpful for people like us.

The examples and documentation are in the class comment for class Snarl.
Thanks for pointing out the Squeaksource wiki: I've copied the bulk of
the class comment into there, as well.


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