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Sun Dec 27 19:40:15 UTC 2009

Nicolas Cellier uploaded a new version of FlexibleVocabularies to project The Trunk:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: FlexibleVocabularies-nice.10
Author: nice
Time: 27 December 2009, 8:40:06 am
UUID: c5ed1395-f5a0-4347-8596-8677a1921160
Ancestors: FlexibleVocabularies-nice.9

Cosmetic: move or remove a few temps inside closures

=============== Diff against FlexibleVocabularies-nice.9 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: EToyVocabulary>>initialize (in category '*flexibleVocabularies-flexiblevocabularies-initialization') -----
  	"Initialize the receiver (automatically called when instances are created via 'new')"
+ 	| classes categorySymbols |
- 	|   classes aMethodCategory selector selectors categorySymbols aMethodInterface |
  	super initialize.
  	self vocabularyName: #eToy.
  	self documentation: '"EToy" is a vocabulary that provides the equivalent of the 1997-2000 etoy prototype'.
  	categorySymbols := Set new.
  	classes := self class morphClassesDeclaringViewerAdditions.
  	classes do:
  		[:aMorphClass | categorySymbols addAll: aMorphClass unfilteredCategoriesForViewer].
  	self addCustomCategoriesTo: categorySymbols.  "For benefit, e.g., of EToyVectorVocabulary"
  	categorySymbols asOrderedCollection do:
+ 		[:aCategorySymbol | | selectors aMethodCategory |
- 		[:aCategorySymbol |
  			aMethodCategory := ElementCategory new categoryName: aCategorySymbol.
  			selectors := Set new.
  			classes do:
  				[:aMorphClass |
  					 (aMorphClass additionsToViewerCategory: aCategorySymbol) do:
+ 						[:anElement | | selector aMethodInterface |
- 						[:anElement |
  						aMethodInterface := self methodInterfaceFrom: anElement.
  						selectors add: (selector := aMethodInterface selector).
  						(methodInterfaces includesKey: selector) ifFalse:
  							[methodInterfaces at: selector put: aMethodInterface].
  						self flag: #deferred.
  						"NB at present, the *setter* does not get its own method interface.  Need to revisit"].
  			(selectors copyWithout: #unused) asSortedArray do:
  				[:aSelector |
  					aMethodCategory elementAt: aSelector put: (methodInterfaces at: aSelector)]].
  			self addCategory: aMethodCategory].
  	self addCategoryNamed: ScriptingSystem nameForInstanceVariablesCategory.
  	self addCategoryNamed: ScriptingSystem nameForScriptsCategory.
  	self setCategoryDocumentationStrings.
  	(self respondsTo: #applyMasterOrdering)
  		ifTrue: [ self applyMasterOrdering ].!

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: EToyVocabulary class>>vocabularySummary (in category '*flexibleVocabularies-flexiblevocabularies-scripting') -----
  	"Answer a string describing all the vocabulary defined anywhere in the 
  	(StringHolder new contents: EToyVocabulary vocabularySummary)  
  	openLabel: 'EToy Vocabulary' translated 
+ 	| etoyVocab |
- 	| etoyVocab rt interfaces allAdditions |
  	etoyVocab := Vocabulary eToyVocabulary.
  	etoyVocab initialize.		"just to make sure that it's unfiltered."
  	^ String streamContents: [:s |
+ 		self morphClassesDeclaringViewerAdditions do: [:cl | | allAdditions | 
- 		self morphClassesDeclaringViewerAdditions do: [:cl | 
  			s nextPutAll: cl name; cr.
  			allAdditions := cl allAdditionsToViewerCategories.
  			cl unfilteredCategoriesForViewer do: [ :cat |
+ 				allAdditions at: cat ifPresent: [ :additions | | interfaces |
- 				allAdditions at: cat ifPresent: [ :additions |
  					interfaces := ((etoyVocab categoryAt: cat) ifNil: [ ElementCategory new ]) elementsInOrder.
  					interfaces := interfaces
  								select: [:ea | additions
  										anySatisfy: [:tuple | (tuple first = #slot
  												ifTrue: [tuple at: 7]
  												ifFalse: [tuple at: 2])
  												= ea selector]].
  					s tab; nextPutAll: cat translated; cr.
+ 						do: [:if | | rt | 
- 						do: [:if | 
  							s tab: 2.
  							rt := if resultType.
  							rt = #unknown
  								ifTrue: [s nextPutAll: 'command' translated]
  								ifFalse: [s nextPutAll: 'property' translated;
  										 nextPut: $(;
  										 nextPutAll: (if companionSetterSelector
  											ifNil: ['RO']
  											ifNotNil: ['RW']) translated;
  										 nextPutAll: rt translated;
  										 nextPutAll: ') '].
  							s tab; print: if wording; space.
  							if argumentVariables
  								do: [:av | s nextPutAll: av variableName;
  										 nextPut: $(;
  										 nextPutAll: av variableType asString;
  										 nextPut: $)]
  								separatedBy: [s space].
  							s tab; nextPutAll: if helpMessage; cr]]]]]!

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