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Tue Dec 29 14:00:02 UTC 2009

Andreas Raab uploaded a new version of Network to project The Trunk:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: Network-ar.45
Author: ar
Time: 29 December 2009, 2:59:19 am
UUID: 862cde17-6162-084b-bfc0-7a17bfe2c660
Ancestors: Network-nice.44, Network-tonyg.35

Merging Network-tonyg.35:

Do not specify ':80' (or other port number) in HTTP request 'Host' header unless a port number was explicitly specified, because doing so changes the meaning of the request when HTTP virtual-hosts are being used.

=============== Diff against Network-nice.44 ===============

Item was changed:
+ ----- Method: HTTPSocket class>>httpGetDocument:args:accept:request: (in category 'get the page') -----
- ----- Method: HTTPSocket class>>httpGetDocument:args:accept:request: (in category 'proxy settings') -----
  httpGetDocument: url args: args accept: mimeType request: requestString
  	"Return the exact contents of a web object. Asks for the given MIME 
  type. If mimeType is nil, use 'text/html'. An extra requestString may be 
  submitted and must end with crlf.  The parsed header is saved. Use a 
  proxy server if one has been registered.  tk 7/23/97 17:12"
  	"Note: To fetch raw data, you can use the MIME type 
+ 	| serverName serverAddr port bare page index connectToHost connectToPort aStream portSuffix |
- 	| serverName serverAddr port bare page index connectToHost connectToPort aStream |
  	Socket initializeNetwork.
  	bare := (url asLowercase beginsWith: 'http://') 
  		ifTrue: [url copyFrom: 8 to: url size]
  		ifFalse: [url].
  	bare := bare copyUpTo: $#.  "remove fragment, if specified"
  	serverName := bare copyUpTo: $/.
  	page := bare copyFrom: serverName size + 1 to: bare size.
  	(serverName includes: $:) 
  		ifTrue: [ index := serverName indexOf: $:.
  			port := (serverName copyFrom: index+1 to: serverName size) asNumber.
+ 			portSuffix := ':', port printString.
  			serverName := serverName copyFrom: 1 to: index-1. ]
+ 		ifFalse: [
+ 			port := self defaultPort.
+ 			portSuffix := ''. ].
- 		ifFalse: [ port := self defaultPort ].
  	page size = 0 ifTrue: [page := '/'].
  	"add arguments"
  	args ifNotNil: [page := page, (self argString: args) ].
  	(self shouldUseProxy: serverName)
  		ifFalse: [ 
  			connectToHost := serverName.
  			connectToPort := port ]
  		ifTrue:  [
+ 			page := 'http://', serverName, portSuffix, page.		"put back 
- 			page := 'http://', serverName, ':', port printString, page.		"put back 
  			connectToHost := self httpProxyServer.
  			connectToPort := self httpProxyPort].
  	serverAddr := NetNameResolver addressForName: connectToHost timeout: 20.
  	serverAddr ifNil: [
  		^ 'Could not resolve the server named: ', connectToHost].
  3 timesRepeat: [ | sock length firstData list type header newUrl |
  	sock := HTTPSocket new.
  	sock connectTo: serverAddr port: connectToPort.
  	(sock waitForConnectionUntil: (self deadlineSecs: 30)) ifFalse: [
  		Socket deadServer: connectToHost.  sock destroy.
  		^ 'Server ',connectToHost,' is not responding'].
  	"Transcript cr;show: url; cr.
  	Transcript show: page; cr."
  	sock sendCommand: 'GET ', page, ' HTTP/1.0', CrLf, 
  		(mimeType ifNotNil: ['ACCEPT: ', mimeType, CrLf] ifNil: ['']),
  		'ACCEPT: text/html', CrLf,	"Always accept plain text"
  		HTTPBlabEmail,	"may be empty"
  		requestString,	"extra user request. Authorization"
  		self userAgentString, CrLf,
+ 		'Host: ', serverName, portSuffix, CrLf.	"blank line 
- 		'Host: ', serverName, ':', port printString, CrLf.	"blank line 
  automatically added"
+ 	list := sock getResponseUpTo: CrLf, CrLf ignoring: (String with: CR).	"list = header, CrLf, CrLf, 
- 	list := sock getResponseUpTo: CrLf, CrLf ignoring: String cr.	"list = header, CrLf, CrLf, 
  	header := list at: 1.
  	"Transcript show: page; cr; show: header; cr."
  	firstData := list at: 3.
  	header isEmpty 
  		ifTrue: [aStream := 'server aborted early']
  		ifFalse: [
  			"dig out some headers"
  			sock header: header.
  			length := sock getHeader: 'content-length'.
  			length ifNotNil: [ length := length asNumber ].
  			type := sock getHeader: 'content-type'.
  			sock responseCode first = $3 ifTrue: [
  				newUrl := sock getHeader: 'location'.
  				newUrl ifNotNil: [ 
  					Transcript show: 'redirecting to ', newUrl; cr.
  					sock destroy.
  					newUrl := self expandUrl: newUrl ip: serverAddr port: connectToPort.
  					^self httpGetDocument: newUrl args: args  accept: mimeType request: requestString] ].
  			aStream := sock getRestOfBuffer: firstData totalLength: length.
  			"a 400-series error"
  			sock responseCode first = $4 ifTrue: [^ header, aStream contents].
  	sock destroy.	"Always OK to destroy!!"
  	aStream class ~~ String ifTrue: [
   		^ MIMEDocument contentType: type content: aStream contents url: url].
  	aStream = 'server aborted early' ifTrue: [ ^aStream ].
  {'HTTPSocket class>>httpGetDocument:args:accept:request:'. aStream. url} inspect.
  	^'some other bad thing happened!!'!

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