[squeak-dev] Mondrian help

Raymond Asselin asselinraymond at videotron.ca
Thu Feb 19 23:39:39 UTC 2009

I try to use Mondrian to analyse a small appl I'm working on...
I want to generate Uml like diagram on my appl.. 
It's working with MOUmlClass example: 'myPackage' .

My question:

In Mondrian how to eliminate easily the display of accessors method of
each class of my package.  In my code I did what follow to eliminate
the test-classes but don't know how to access methods categorised as
'accessing' ?

    "I want to strip all  classes used for tests, except a class named  
    XPTest that I want to be in the group'"
    exceptClass := theClasses select:[ :cl |  cl asString = 'XPTest'].
    theClasses := theClasses reject:[ :cl |  cl asString endsWith: 'Test'].
    theClasses := theClasses , exceptClass.
    "Now I want to eleminate all access methods "

Any help ?

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