[squeak-dev] Re: Problem with TrueTypeFonts

Stephen Moffitt stevia at citlink.net
Thu Jul 9 19:07:07 UTC 2009

Esteban -- If you need it later here ir is --

'From Squeak3.10alpha of 30 March 2007 [latest update: #7121] on 4  
September 2007 at 9:25:13 am'!

!FreeTypeFont methodsFor: 'as yet unclassified' stamp: 'tween 9/1/2007  
displayLineGlyphOn: aDisplayContext from: startPoint to: endPoint
	|  oldCombinationRule oldHalftoneForm originalColorMap clr depth  
foreColorVal foreColorAlpha glyph width height
	startPointX startPointY endPointX endPointY foreColor |
	oldCombinationRule := aDisplayContext combinationRule .
	oldHalftoneForm := aDisplayContext halftoneForm .
	originalColorMap := aDisplayContext colorMap.
	clr := (foreColor := aDisplayContext lastFontForegroundColor ifNil: 
[Color black asNontranslucentColor])
		pixelValueForDepth: 32.
	depth := aDisplayContext destForm depth.
	foreColorVal := clr bitAnd: 16rFFFFFF.
	foreColorAlpha := (clr bitAnd: 16rFF000000) >> 24.
	depth <= 8
			aDisplayContext colorMap: (aDisplayContext cachedFontColormapFrom: 
32 to: depth)]
			aDisplayContext colorMap: nil].
	startPointX := startPoint x truncated.
	startPointY := startPoint y.
	endPointX := endPoint x ceiling.
	endPointY := endPoint y.
	width := endPointX - startPointX.
	height := endPointY - startPointY.
	glyph := (Form extent: width at height depth: 32) fillWhite. "we could  
cache a big white glyph somewhere to save having to create this.  
Clipping will make only a part of it display"
	aDisplayContext sourceForm: glyph.
	aDisplayContext destOrigin: startPointX at startPointY.
	aDisplayContext width: width.
	aDisplayContext height: height.
		sourceOrigin: 0 at 0;
		halftoneForm: nil.
	(FreeTypeSettings current bitBltSubPixelAvailable and: [depth >= 8])
				combinationRule: 41.
				copyBitsColor: foreColorVal
				alpha: foreColorAlpha
				gammaTable: FreeTypeSettings current gammaTable
				ungammaTable: FreeTypeSettings current gammaInverseTable]
			glyph fillWithColor: foreColor.
			aDisplayContext combinationRule: (depth <= 8 ifTrue: [Form paint]  
ifFalse: [34]).
			aDisplayContext copyBits].		
		colorMap: originalColorMap;
		combinationRule: oldCombinationRule;
		halftoneForm: oldHalftoneForm.
	! !


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