[squeak-dev] Can a squeak source program that I develop, be

vmars vmars at rgv.rr.com
Sat Jul 11 00:17:24 UTC 2009

2009/7/11 vmars <vmars at rgv.rr.com>:
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> Greetings;
> Can a squeak source program that I develop, be turned into an (windows)
> *.exe file?.
> If so, is it a long painful process, as in VisualWorks. Or is it 
> reasonably
> simple?
> And if so, How large are the exe files, say, related to Pascal or Basic
> exe's?
In other words, you want to embed an image into .exe file, together with VM?
Why you can't just ship .exe + .image?

Sorry to answer direct via email, I couldn't find anywhere to REPLY at :

"Why you can't just ship .exe + .image?"
Yes, ship .exe is exactly what I want to do.

My impression is that it is a herrendous ordeal to go thru to turn a pgm 
developed by me into an *.exe file for windows, that I can distrubute. Its 
also my impression that pgms developed with squeak or smalltalk, are meant 
to run on other smallTalk systems. Rather than just running on any windows 
system without smallTtalk iinstalled.
Is any of this true, or is it easy to turn a squeak/smallTalk pgm into 
pgm.exe ?


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