[squeak-dev] The future of Squeak & Pharo (was Re: [Pharo-project] [ANN] Pharo MIT license clean)

Juan Vuletich juan at jvuletich.org
Sun Jun 28 18:50:45 UTC 2009

Colin Putney wrote:
> One aspect of Pharo's practical streak that hasn't been mentioned yet 
> is the willingness to abandon compatibility with Etoys - something the 
> Squeak.org community has been unwilling to do. What's really silly 
> about this situation is that the actual users of Etoys forked some 
> time ago, and almost nobody actually uses Etoys in Squeak.
> IMHO, Squeak.org needs to either recommit to Etoys and education as 
> its primary mission, or break compatibility and become a general 
> Smalltalk platform for a variety of applications. This suggests a 
> merger with either Squeakland or Pharo, but even without merging, 
> Squeak.org can get its mojo back if it chooses an identity.


Juan Vuletich

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