[squeak-dev] The future of Squeak & Pharo (was Re: [Pharo-project] [ANN] Pharo MIT license clean)

Hernán Morales Durand hernan.morales at gmail.com
Mon Jun 29 15:10:18 UTC 2009

Dear Ian,
                  I really understand your position, because I hated
the Squeak UI for almost one year, until I started to read about Color
Theory and Cognitive Pshychology and understand some things about it.
However, each soul has to convince by himself or do something about

  Let me put my feelings into the words of Schoenberg, he once said :
"Art is not for everyone; and if it is for everyone, it is not Art.".
And I believe pretty much the same here : "Smalltalk is not for
everyone; and if it is for everyone, then it is not Smalltalk".



2009/6/29 Ian Trudel <ian.trudel at gmail.com>:
> 2009/6/28 Hernán Morales Durand <hernan.morales at gmail.com>:
>> To my view, Squeak doesn't fit very well with the production-line
>> programmer-worker.
>> Then, my vote is not positive for color uniformity in Squeak :)
>> Hernán
> Hello Hernán!
> This is a very passionate text to unveil your opinion. Thank you. Do
> not get me wrong on my ideas: they are not about striving for
> conventionalism but rather suggesting an avenue of solution that might
> eventually be suitable and feasible.
> You might well convince me that an ergonomics based on any popular
> professional tools is not the optimal solution for Squeak. However,
> don't tell me that the current UI is suitable for grown-up programmers
> and professionals. It is not. Childish, confusing, undocumented, ugly,
> outdated and "eccentric". Have better ideas than mine? Be my guest. =)
> The issue is important because the growth rate of the community is low
> and a certain amount of existing members move to other forks. Hernàn,
> you're using Squeak for some time already. You can customize Squeak UI
> as you deem necessary. Others might not. Morphic has no viable
> documentation. We need a standard image with something visually and
> ergonomically appealing, something approachable.
> I have tried to introduce Squeak to acquaintances but it failed in
> general. One of the common reason is the "weird" interface. What can I
> do about it? Kick them in the nuts and tell them they don't know what
> they're talking about? =)
> The colour scheme doesn't really matter, does it?
> We could be rebel and eccentric on other things than colours. I think...
> Then we don't want to change colours because it upsets some in the
> community. "Everybody can get Squeak with the features he desires,
> provided it is backward compatible." What will happen when the
> community desires a feature that will inflect such changes that will
> not be backward compatible? Well, we do have constraints. Heck, I've
> been told that we are unlikely to have international keyboard input
> because its implementation would certainly break the compatibility...
> oh, gee...
> It's not that I want to be controversial... simply, I think, we should
> not toss away the idea to be appealing to a greater mass, especially
> if it helps Squeak to survive and move forward. It's not like we need
> less manpower...
> Regards,
> Ian
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> http://mecenia.blogspot.com/

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