[squeak-dev] Cuis target

Juan Vuletich juan at jvuletich.org
Mon May 25 02:13:19 UTC 2009

Hi Germán

Germán Arduino wrote:
> Hi List, Juan:
> I've in mind a little app to a sort of hobbistic utility.
> The main strength I need is the ability to run on lot of different
> platforms, mobile included.
> That should be a perfect project to Cuis (assuming I may afford the
> development of a decent UI on the new Morphic you did)?

Sure, why not? BTW, Cuis does not include a new Morphic. It includes "a 
greatly simplified version of Morphic as the main UI". The browser, 
debugger, file list, object explorer, etc are all the same as in any 
other Squeak. The apis for pluggable morphs are exactly the same.

Cuis also includes a new morph hirarchy named LightWidgets which has 
rather few widgets, it is not yet documented and is used in just one 
project. You can use it if you can study the code and you like it.

> I didn't used Cuis so much yet, but look fast and portable, exactly
> the things I'm needing.
> Any screenshot of apps you developed with Cuis will be useful also.
> Thanks!

This was asked in another thread recently. I'll ask permission to the 
company and will show some screen shots if they let me. That app is not 

Juan Vuletich

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