[squeak-dev] Question about mouse buttons and modifier keys

Phil (list) pbpublist at gmail.com
Thu May 28 06:37:29 UTC 2009

I've run across a few things related to mouse buttons and modifier  
keys that are giving me some grief:

1) How do I tell Squeak not to emulate a 3-button mouse via modifier  
keys? (i.e. so red+command doesn't become yellow+command etc.)

2) How can I get blue button presses passed to mouseDown:?

3) Is there a 'standard' way to check the state of option key  
modifier? (I understand that using the option modifier makes my code  
Mac-specific which is fine for my needs, I just want to know the best  
way to do it that is least likely to break in the future.)

I am trying to create a morph that uses various button/modifier  
combinations and several of them seem to be getting swallowed  
somewhere upstream which is severely limiting the available button/ 
modifier combos available.


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