[squeak-dev] New Collections modifications in the inbox

Levente Uzonyi leves at elte.hu
Mon Sep 28 02:33:22 UTC 2009


I uploaded my latest modifications to collections to the inbox. The 
suggested load/merge order is:


To load/merge these packages, you should have both Collections-ul.140 and 
Collections-ul.143 loaded/merged.

Since the trunk doesn't have enough tests for the Collections package I 
decided to load these changes into the latest pharo image and run the 
tests. All of them pass, except for the tests for 
WeakKeyToCollectionDictionary, but that's because of a bug in the tests 
(The tests add SmallIntegers as values instead of Collections to the 
dictionary. Unfortunately they all pass with the original implementation, 
because #rehash is never sent to the dictionary).

To see if it's worth (or not) to use these changes I wrote a small 
benchmark for Dictionary which can be found here: 
http://leves.web.elte.hu/collections/ .


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