[squeak-dev] Proposal: Project Pink Book

Hans-Martin Mosner hmm at heeg.de
Wed Apr 21 05:44:38 UTC 2010

Am 21.04.2010 07:18, schrieb Casey Ransberger:
> Anyway, I'm dying to hear what people think!
Nothing to die for...

The PDF comes up completely blank with the Ubuntu PDF displayer
(evince). Looks like evince isn't able to handle the embedded type1
font, strange. As always with attached documents in mail, please
consider twice whether what you want to say can't be said in simple
words within an e-mail. I realize that sending PDFs is much friendlier
than using some document format invented by you-know-who.

I could select the invisible text and copy it into a workspace, so the
textual contents were readable.
Overall, I think the direction sounds nice, but I can't say whether it
will work - that depends on getting a critical mass of Squeakers into
the boat.


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