[squeak-dev] Re: Load instructions (Re: The Inbox: Morphic-hjh.424.mcz)

DeNigris Sean sean at clipperadams.com
Fri Apr 23 01:48:32 UTC 2010

> Go to 'Help menu' / 'Extending the system' 
> <snip>
> "Omnibrowser" 
> <snip>
> "Refactoring engine and OB integration"

I followed the instructions and they now load okay, yay!
Except... the refactoring seems to be unusable, doh :(

My first two refactoring attempts:
* rename method - MessageNotUnderstood: SystemDictionary>>hasSpecialSelector:ifTrueSetByte:
* extract method - clicking accept on the  'Changes: refactor source, extract method' pop-up does nothing - change is not made and pop-up stays there.

Should I file bugs for these?  If so, for the package, or Squeak?  Are these packages even intended/supported to run in Squeak?

Squeak 4.2-10006


Sean DeNigris
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