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That's generally possible, though it will break git's merge strategies in most cases. Also, git users would have to refrain from using merging locally at all, because the git merge history cannot be mapped to svn.

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Thanks Igor. One little question:  is it possible that when someone commits on svn, it automatically commits also in git ?



On Tue, Dec 14, 2010 at 10:23 PM, Igor Stasenko <siguctua at> wrote:

Hello, community

(preface) there was a discussion about using git for VM sources and

recently in pharo team, we are also discussed that, and decided to go


So i started to look for an options and found that Gitorious is best

solution for us all.

In contrast to github, it doesn't charging users when their repository

grow beyond 300Mb in size.

And its totally free for open-source projects.

To be sure, that i understood thing well, i even sent mail to support

to clarify some aspects of their policy and got following in answer:

<<<< quote start

I can't even begin to tell you how happy I am about this! Smalltalk is

the coolest thing I know about computers, and I love what you have

done with Squeak, thanks!

<... skip technical details ...>

The short version: go ahead! I'm really pleased you want to use

Gitorious and I hope you'll be satisfied!


- Marius

>>>>>> quote end.

So, after such warm welcome, the choice was obvious :)

I made a mirrors of SVN repositories for Squeak VM and Cog VM


i created a group named:  squeak-vm-developers

this group owns two projects:

   Squeak VM  (

   and Cog VM (

Any member(s) of group having an admin access to these projects , and

commit rights to projects 'blessed' repositories:

(yes, a single project could have multiple repositories, but for start

we will use just one - a blessed ;)

Now what any people from street can do:

 - register @

 - go to /cogvm/blessed or /squeak-vm/blessed

 - click magic 'clone repository' button

 and from now you will have a fresh copy of 'official' repository,

ready for hacking in your own corner,

where you are the all powerful deity and can do anything you want

without asking anyone.

That's the main reason for migrating to git-based hosting:

 - easy for getting in

 - no additional administration costs

 - people can easily exchange the results of their own experiments

without putting an 'official' repository in danger.

@(John, Elior, Ian & other currently active SVN users) note: There is

no pressure for migrating to git-based source code management.

if you keep using SVN, no problem. I will take care with refreshing a

blessed repo(s) with SVN commits.

But if you want to migrate, ask me, and i will add you to

'squeak-vm-developers' group. Note that this group serves only for


and official 'blessed' repos, and if you don't want participate, you

can just live in own corner as anyone else can. This doesn't make much

difference anyways :)

I just wanna tell, that from now i will use own clone(s) of 'blessed'

repos for experiments and of course i encouraging everyone,

who wants to start hacking VM(s) to do the same.


Best regards,

Igor Stasenko AKA sig.

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