[squeak-dev] [Cuis] LaunchPad to collaborate on Cuis2 development

keith keith_hodges at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Feb 1 05:38:27 UTC 2010

> I started 2 open groups on LaunchPad.net
> https://launchpad.net/~rodents  For those interested in  
> collaborating on Cuis and derived images.
> https://launchpad.net/~smalltalkers - For anyone else.

Launchpad uses Bazaar2.0, I liked git for 1 day, but github doesnt  
offer open repositories, or open team projects, so it is back to the  
old faithful bazaar! Launchpad.net is very cool though.

We have two projects so far


To use - begin by making yourself a local working directory...

# mkdir Cuis2.0_trunk
# cd Cuis2.0_trunk

Runtime and One-Click template
Checkout the vm runtime - this is also a one-click image template for  
you to branch from, or help improve.

# bzr branch lp:~rodents/cuis/Cuis2.0vm.app

Incremental Kernel Development
Checkout the current Cuis2.0 kernel development repositories - these  
are InstallStreams for incrementally moving the kernel forwards.

# bzr branch lp:~rodents/cuis/base
# bzr branch lp:~rodents/cuis/release
# bzr branch lp:~rodents/cuis/stable
# bzr branch lp:~rodents/cuis/unstable

1) cuis/base - the starting release image to build on using  

2) cuis/release - the released updates (included in the release image)
This tracks Juan's official updates.

3) cuis/stable - branch & contribute back your tested updates here
In anticipation that these will get incorporated in the release.

4) unstable - branch & contribute your "being-tested" updates here

Unstable patches are not built by default.

The default search for updates is only 2 directories deep. In the  
unstable repository each contributed set of updates is published in a  
containing folder, and is 3 levels deep.

To apply a specific unstable update execute InstallStreams  
updatesInstall: 'unstable/InstallStreams-testing'.
To apply all unstable updates execute InstallStreams updatesInstall:  

Optional Kernel Innovations Development
InstallStreams providing optional kernel innovations may go in their  
own repositories, rather than release,stable, or unstable.

i.e. when you are ready to show the world...
# bzr push lp:~rodents/cuis/simple-namespaces
# bzr push lp:~rodents/cuis/pragmas
# bzr push lp:~rodents/cuis/nano-traits
# bzr push lp:~rodents/cuis/logging

Packages - Loadable with InstallStream
There is a separate project for sharing loadable packages.
In your working directory make a directory for non-installed packages

# mkdir packages
# cd packages
# bzr branch lp:~rodents/cuis-packages/Installer

To manually load an individual package
InstallStream packagesInstall: 'packages/Installer'

To manually install all the packages checked out into ./packages
InstallStream packagesInstall: 'packages'

Generating the build
Juan's release of Cuis2.0 does not appear to support the execution of  
a script on start up. So in the meantime, you will have to search for  
and file in that script manually.

A simple script is provided in ./stable/build.sh which copies the base  
image into your working directory, and launches the image. (on mac  
only for the moment)

Find and file in ./stable/build.st which is intended to initiate and  
perform the build.

Next Steps
It looks like we will have to release a Cuis2.0.1.image which fixes  
the startupscript feature.



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