[squeak-dev] offscreen buffer/bitmap/array access

Lawson English lenglish5 at cox.net
Mon Feb 1 11:49:58 UTC 2010

I've managed to work up a trivial access to the shm*   calls in Mac OS X 
so that I can obtain a pointer to a shared memory buffer. How can I 
render to this buffer without more c-level programming? The goal would 
be to take the shared memory address and use it to build various things 
like bitmaps, forms, etc. I've spent several hours rummaging around with 
google and searching the various squeak-related mailing lists, but there 
doesn't seem to be any Squeak way to draw to/write to an offscreen 
buffer which is only defined by an external address. Certainly, with far 
more work, I can devise ways to do this with FFI/plugins/etc but I'd 
like to prototype in smalltalk, not C.


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