[squeak-dev] [Cuis] Experiences So Far

keith keith_hodges at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Feb 1 23:59:34 UTC 2010

Hi All,

I have to say I am quite enjoying myself with Cuis2.0, Juan's small  
image is great fun, and is easy to work with. Finally we have a kernel  
image to play with, and the tools with which to do some playing and  

InstallStreams, is working very well indeed. It builds on Cuis2.0 as a  
fixed point, and IS builds the stable/unstable derived images very  

I can think of lots of goals we could to work towards for Cuis2.1.  
There are the basic housekeeping tasks, like tidying up and unloading  
more stuff. But that is not really what the Cuis platform is all about.

Cuis is about revolution, rather than evolution, Morphic 3 will be on  
Cuis first after all! We want it to be the place where you would come  
to craft something new, and find it easiest to integrate and deploy  
there, simply because Cuis is the simplest base platform. If you can  
make it for Cuis, and craft the API's carefully avoiding dependencies,  
then it should load anywhere.

Current Tasks

1. Carry on with miscellaneous tidying up
	- tidy Utilities, pull OldSocket [done]

2. Make more packages loadable using the all too simple InstallStreams  
packages mechanism.
(e.g. LinearAlgebra (done), Sound-Synthesis, Sound-Scores, Shout,  
SignalProcessing, SUnit3.1 [done]

Goal Ideas

Build a small standalone Magma Server
Load & Run Seaside and Pier etc


We need to integrate a few things like pragmas and traits to get some  
parity with other forks.
We don't really need it, but at some point someone is going to want MC  
to load in Cuis it shouldn't be difficult with LPF.st

Revolutions waiting to happen in the kernel


any other ideas you would like to contribute to?

join up here:



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