[squeak-dev] preserving heritage (was: filtered menu in 3.11)

Ken Causey ken at kencausey.com
Thu Feb 4 18:10:05 UTC 2010

On Wed, 2010-02-03 at 20:38 -0600, Chris Muller wrote:
> Squeak has been such a great journey, and its own historical path is
> somewhat captured in the timestamp / author-stamp information of the
> individual methods.
> I think it is worthwhile to revert methods properly; meaning to truly
> revert them not just to the prior code, but to the prior accounting
> record associated with that.
> With Monticello, it is relatively easy to retrieve the original method
> from the prior version.  Proper reversion is one reason for keeping
> around all the old versions of code.
> More importantly, however, I think we should take care to revert
> methods properly so that the original history and heritage of the
> object-model that is the latest and greatest Squeak image, be
> preserved as much as possible.
> I do it even with just my own code, even when I'm the same initials,
> because it is still worth it to me to know, _when_ was that method
> written.  How long has that method been sitting there, unchanged.
> Again, I think it's worth it, and I hope others will consider the
> value of adopting this practice as well.
> Thank you,
>   Chris


I wonder if there is some reasonable change to the tools that could be
made to make this more natural and therefore require less forethought.
I share your goal but often forget.

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