[squeak-dev] Re: about startup

Andreas Raab andreas.raab at gmx.de
Fri Feb 5 06:24:08 UTC 2010

keith wrote:
>>     BTW, I'm *very* happy to see that you've found a way by which you
>>     feel comfortable contributing to Squeak. Your help is most welcome.
> I am not really "comfortable" contributing to squeak...

Fair enough :-)

> What I am doing is pursuing my own line of development, a fork if you 
> will. However I am choosing to do this in an unselfish way, by 
> discussing ideas, and publishing code in such a way as to be useful to 
> others.

Indeed. I consider that contributing. We all have to find ways in which 
we think we can both be effective and have some fun with the system 
(regardless of whether that is in Squeak, Cuis, or Pharo). Your way may 
be different from mine but by the end of the day we both contribute in 
our own style, moving the system forward bit by bit. I'm just on a more 
incremental path, but that does neither exclude nor prevent more 
substantial changes like you're providing them.

> I disagree with the trunk approach to development, because it professes 
> to be a community effort to move things forward, however it is being 
> pursued in the same manner as a fork, whose code is not published or 
> managed in a state that others can routinely harvest.

Acknowledged. I respect your opinion, but I disagree.

> If successful in their minimalization efforts, Pharo, and Squeak will 
> eventually become minimal kernels, having no tools of their own, and 
> this way of thinking may become strangely relevant once more.

That is very well a possibility. Remember that one of my goals is to 
drive the development from the other end - using an incremental 
approach, making things loadable and hopefully getting at some point to 
a kernel the size of Cuis.

   - Andreas

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