[squeak-dev] Re: [Pharo-project] 16rff is looking for a fix :)

Andreas Raab andreas.raab at gmx.de
Thu Feb 11 22:59:55 UTC 2010

Eliot Miranda wrote:
> this in the thread spawned by Torsen's posting of Kent's most excellent 
> rant:
> ttp://www.threeriversinstitute.org/blog/?p=466 
> <http://www.threeriversinstitute.org/blog/?p=466>
> <http://www.threeriversinstitute.org/blog/?p=466>OK, fix is to two 
> implementations of digitValue:.  BTW, I haven't fixed Character 
> class>>digitValue: which at least in my Teleplace image looks horribly 
> broken, answering characters not integers.  Check your distro, it may 
> also be broken

It's not. It works precisely as advertised (rtfc). What's confusing is 
that EncodedCharset and Unicode use the selector #digitValue: when the 
selector should be called #digitValueOf: (i.e., returning the digit 
value OF a character not creating a new character with a given digit 
value in this character set).

Besides, I very much doubt that the change in hex literals (which I'm 
very much in favor of btw!) will address Kent's issue. The reality is 
that there's no way to address his issues because there's no single 
owner of the brand. Balkanization (which is precisely the right term) 
happens when you don't have a strong central power which can keep 
everyone at bay (such as Yugoslavia did before it fell apart). Java for 
example is owned by Sun and Sun went to court with Microsoft to ensure 
brand integrity. Unless you have an owner of "Smalltalk" (whatever that 
is) there isn't going to be a consistent set of libraries because 
everyone can and will push into different directions.

   - Andreas

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