[squeak-dev] [ANN] [Cuis] Cuis 2.1 is available. Lots of cool stuff inside!

Juan Vuletich juan at jvuletich.org
Sat Feb 13 01:40:33 UTC 2010

Leandro wrote:
> Levente Uzonyi wrote:
>> You can also get the word based diff using TextDiffBuilder by 
>> subclassing it and overriding #split:. Actually ClassDiffBuilder does 
>> exactly this, so using ClassDiffBuilder instead of TextDiffBuilder 
>> will give you the expected result.
> I think that the difference with the implementation Valeria and I did 
> is that ours switches from lines to words automatically. It also 
> defines "words" as Smalltalk words, meaning that it understands 
> keyword limits, which gives better results. The differentiator starts 
> comparing lines, and if the proportion of line differences isn't too 
> high, then it reutilizes the work already done (with lines) and 
> refines it to get differences in between keywords. The refining 
> strategy was crucial for achieving good performance.
> Not sure if the full functionality I'm describing here is in the last 
> Cuis version though.
> /Leandro

Yes it is.

BTW, today I took a closer look at your code and learned it is a 
superset of what TextDiffBuilder can do. So, I'm removing 
TextDiffBuilder from Cuis right now.

Juan Vuletich

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