[squeak-dev] [Cuis] Optimizing away unused literals

keith keith_hodges at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Feb 13 21:37:20 UTC 2010

>>  In using Cuis, I discover that unused literals in a method,  
>> otherwise known as "poor-mans pragmas" are optimized away in  
>> compiledMethod. Does anyone know when this happened? (or was I  
>> using some other method to find them)
>> Keith
> Well, the same also happens in Squeak, Pharo and Cuis 1.0 (pre- 
> closures). I'd say it has always been like this. See #flag: . It is  
> dated 4/28/2000, and serves your purpose.
> Cheers,
> Juan Vuletich

So flag: it is!

In the process of making things more modular, with less dependencies I  
am removing the manual registration of selectors in  
#presumedSentMessages using the following conventions. #methodsToKeep  

self flag: #presumeSentSelector.



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